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Texas District 19 Little League

District 19 Staff

                                           Texas District 19 Little League - STAFF

     Lisa Jividen                                                         District Administrator

     Tom Jividen                                                        District Treasurer

     Sharon Gallardo                                                  District Secretary
                                                                              Safety Officer  

     Jim Hallonquist                                                   ADA - Special Projects

     Doug Wolfe                                                         ADA Baseball
     Dave Mather                                                       ADA Baseball

     Dennis Thrailkill                                                   ADA Baseball

     Tom Lieck                                                           ADA Softball

     Pat Franks                                                          ADA Softball

       Gracie Garcia                                                                      ADA Softball

       Aaron Garcia                                                                       ADA Softball

       Tony Knight                                                                         District Umpire Consultant

Please note that our District Staff Members are volunteers that come from our District's Leagues who have served in various capacities such as league president, player agents and the entire spectrum of Little League.  They contribute their time and expertise to benefit all the children in our Little League Program District wide.  Please join me in thanking them for their time and dedication to the Little League Program in San Antonio.